How to get found online


get more reviews, get more customers


As we discussed in the last blog, nothing can “fix” a bad online review quite like a ton of positive reviews. It’s a simple equation: the more you increase your positive reviews the greater chance you have of outweighing the negative reviews.

The funny this is, though, negative reviews actually play an important role in educating potential customers about your business. Think about it, if you only have 5-star reviews, most potential customers will assume the reviews are fake or cherry-picked. So, in a way, negative reviews are a part of making your business real.

There’s no reason to panic about every negative review you get if you have plan to increase the total number of positive reviews from satisfied clients. And, as an added bonus, increasing the number of reviews you have helps boost the credibility of your business as well.

So, how do you get more reviews? Glad you asked! Here is our 3 Step Plan for Increasing Online Reviews:

Ask for reviews in the store
A well-placed postcard, table pieces, or business card are surprisingly effective at capturing the attention of outgoing, satisfied customers. Say something simple, like “We value your opinion, especially if it’s 5 stars!” You can even make a poster like that and stick it in the wash room, or other places where customers can easily see it.

Email may be old hat, but it is a really excellent way to stay in contact you’re your best clients. So, put a fishbowl at the cash register, run a small promo, and collect as many email addresses as you can. That way you can send a link to review sites directly to their inboxes.

Get social
Always make sure to include social icons or links on all your marketing material, so that your customers always know where to find you. Now that we’re all cyborgs, it’s actually easier for us to remember a social icon than a printed card.

So, now that you know how to proactively get customer reviews, you can start implementing these simple tips right away. Watch as your customers start to talk about your business online, and by simply sharing their opinion they can create a large network effect that can increase your reach 10 fold!

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