Who even uses Twitter nowadays?

Twitter seems to have lost its edge. It’s dropped down to the 9th largest social media platform, had to lay off 9% of its workforce, and can’t find a buyer. It’s in a downward slump, and even with its recent growth in monthly active users, Twitter’s fate doesn’t look too good. The CEO, Jack Dorsey, splits his time between Twitter and also being the CEO of Square, a mobile payment company. Dorsey needs to get Twitter profitable by the end of the year, so that they can either attract a buyer, or keep their investors from pulling out.

So, who is still actually using Twitter these days?

Twitter still has a base of core users that have stayed very engaged and loyal. This base is made up mostly of high profile personnels. President Trump, The Kardashians, Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, and other famous Tweeters all take to Twitter to communicate with the large audience following them. This group has helped keep Twitter relevant with the rest of the population. Whether you agree with his tweets or not,  President Trump has helped spark more interest in Twitter than there has been in a while with his lively and frequent tweets (#covfefe, anyone?). Of course on every social media platform the media stars will be the ones with the highest followings, but on Twitter, the high profile users seem to be the only ones still actively enjoying it.

The problem is that the Average Joe isn’t using Twitter as much as the media personalities are. They might be holding onto their Twitter accounts to keep up with the public figures they like, but they aren’t nearly as active as they once were when Twitter was a new social media player. Twitter has become too overwhelming to most of its users. When scrolling through social media, people want to feel at ease and relaxed to escape from stress of everyday life, but most feel like Twitter has turned into a stage for arguments and bickering. To help battle this, Dorsey has been trying to grow Twitter’s user base by promoting its video platform to keep users active. Dorsey has been investing in live streaming of red carpet events, sports games, and other news outlets. Twitter has been recently working with Live Nation, the PGA Tour, and MLBAM to promote even more live streaming. This idea has slowly been working, but the jury is still out for Twitter.

2017 is going to be the year to predict if Twitter will flip or flop, so stay tuned.

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