What You Need to Know About the ‘Likely’ Merger of T-Mobile and Sprint

Bloomberg News is not only calling a merger of T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint “likely,”a Bloomberg columnist is actively egging on the proposed marriage. Full story.

Ad industry groups rail against Apple’s new cookie-blocking solution in Safari 11

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention solution uses machine learning to determine if a third-party cookie can track users as they browse the web and follow them with retargeted ads. Third-party cookies remain functional for 24 hours, after which they can only be used to support functions like site logins for 30 days until they are purged entirely. The primary aim of the update is to limit cross-site user tracking and the pervasive use of retargeting. Read more.

8 Ideas For Collaborative Content Marketing

Content collaboration is just what it sounds like; you’ll have multiple people working together on a single piece of content, usually for your brand. It can involve people from within your organization, outside influencers, or even competitors, in some cases. But why is this so effective, and what are some of the best ways to harness it? Read more.

Top 10 Video Marketing Trends And Statistics Roundup 2017

Online video use is simply staggering from a consumer perspective. It is changing how businesses or brands communicate with customers and how we communicate with one another. Over 500 million (that’s half a BILLION) people are watching video on Facebook every day.  Read more.

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