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Social Selling: The new way to connect in business

Social selling has been a phrase buzzing around the business world recently. Needless to say, it’s buzzing for a reason. It’s the new way to find prospects and do business because it generates warmer leads. If you aren’t at least trying social selling then you are already behind, and you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Social selling uses social networking sites to find and connect with prospects through building relationships in an organic manner.

Everyone hates answering cold calls or having to make them. That’s because you have no touch points beforehand, and they are unnatural. Over 90% of executives do not buy from cold calls. Social selling is unique because it allows you to put yourself in front of your prospect/consumer  without being obnoxious and it lets you create light touch points before you dive into a cold call.

The biggest factor to social selling is its nurturing process, not immediate results. There is not a defined process for social selling; it’s more fluid and broad. Social Selling mainly consists of commenting, sharing, liking, messaging, and connecting. It can be as simple as tweeting a high level executive of a company you want to do business with and asking him/her for some specific business advice. They will probably be flattered, respond, and then recognize your name at a later time if you keep up the communication. Or, you can direct message a small business on Instagram with a causal message that tells them about some type of value you can give them. Then ask to have a phone call to get to know each other better. Try commenting on people’s blogs with some good insight. Seek referrals through mutual social media connections that you share with a prospect. Ask your connection for an introduction.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of social selling:

Things to NOT do:

  1. Don’t use social selling as just another way to spam people’s inbox. Don’t message people just to get your name in their mind, you need to show them actual value that you can add.
  2. Don’t be too formal. Make your interactions personal and casual. You don’t need to overthink what you say, as long as you sound genuine you are doing it right.
  3. Don’t only try one social media platform. Each one has a different advantage to social selling, so make sure you aren’t ignoring one because you think it won’t work.

Things to do:

  1. Make sure your own social media sites are up to par before you start your social selling. For all sites set a professional looking picture and update your business information. LinkedIn is obviously the most professional site, so you will need to do the most work on it.
  1. Be human, not creepy. People want your personality to shine through in your messages, so having something in common with them can help you. But, you don’t want to act like you know too many personal details through stalking their Facebook.
  1. Join LinkedIn groups and contribute to the conversation. Find out which groups your prospects are in and join the same ones.

Social selling can revolutionize the way you do business , so for more tips follow MapMeLocal on our social networks!