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If you are passionate about helping small and midsize businesses succeed, our passionate team will show you how to do this. Please contact us by using our online email contact form below:

How Our Services Will Benefit Your Business.

If you are passionate about helping small and mid-size businesses succeed, our expert and experienced team will show you how to do this. By adding our technology-based client information services to your business, you will be seen as more unique and perceived as being of even more value to your current clients.  Your client retention rate will increase, while making the marketing of your company to potential clients more effective.

Become a part of our network of talented businesses and individuals and earn extra income in two ways.  There is a commission for each business that you sign up. You will also earn an ever-increasing, ongoing monthly residual income from each (monthly) service fee they pay us.

Reselling Our Services Can Be Your Home-Based Extra Income Solution

Whether you are currently working or are retired, if your family would benefit from additional income and you have a few hours a day to make some local phone calls, we can help you out.  Some of our resellers are fully retired and some are wives and men still working full or part-time.

We will provide you with all with the marketing tools and training you will need.  Any business owner with a physical ‘store front’ location will benefit from your informing them about the customer satisfaction information we will deliver directly to their email inbox.

You do not necessarily need an extensive business background to succeed with us.  Our talented resellers are savvy wives of working husbands or are retired business men and women from all types of business backgrounds in need of extra income.  Individuals with all levels of business background can succeed with us. Some have years of business experience, but it is not necessarily a requirement.

If you are at ease talking on a telephone, have a sense of organization and a few hours daily to make local calls to any businesses with a physical location, you can make it work for you and earn both of the income streams mentioned above.

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