5 Tips on How to Grow Your Social Media Followers

Small business owners may feel that only celebrities or big companies are able to have a large social media following, but it is easier than you think. By using some simple tips, your business’ online presence can also flourish!

1. Host social media contests
Having giveaway contests on social media is a great way to get your brand known and create
excitement. It’s really easy to set up and encourages your followers to get involved with your
company. One easy contest you could try is asking people to like your page for a chance to win a
free prize.
2.Get your email/client list involved
Many of your customers may not know that you have a Facebook or an Instagram. Asking your
existing clients to follow you on social media isn’t hard because they already know you and are
probably interested in your company.
3.Follow like-minded people
Following good, active accounts within your business industry gives you a base of people
to interact with that will likely lead to getting to know other industry leaders.
4.Provide useful information
Posting something that’s interesting, useful, or inspirational gets more engagement
because people see value in it. This encourages audience growth.
5.Creative exclusive offers for your online community
Most people tend to follow brands for specific reasons and that includes staying up to
date on the latest deals and promotions. Creating exclusive offers on your social media
accounts is another way to add value for your followers.

You may think that social media is not important for your business, but the truth is that more people are becoming active on social media everyday. Some of these people are already your clients, but others are not. Social media can be a powerful tool for getting your brand noticed and can lead to potential sales. Learn how MapMeLocal can help you accomplish your dreams by contacting us through our website.

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