5 Tips for More Attention On Social Media

Social Media is a foundational marketing channel for businesses of any type, and it can have a huge effect on your business if you know the right way to use it. Here are some helpful tips that should give your social media postings more attention from your target audience.

1: Target the influencers of the industry. AKA, get the people who are already prominent in your field, and are killing their social media game, to promote you. Do this by forming a relationship with them, and giving them something in return. Don’t just ask for a handout. If you can get a big player to mention you in a post it could bring in many more followers for you.

2: Imagery. Posts with pictures already get more visibility than posts without, and to make your post stand out even more use an image that attracts people to want to look at it for more than half a second. Use images that are bright, entertaining, emotionally appealing, or all the same color to make them stand out.  Good images will make people stop in the middle of their social media scrolling  and take the time to look at the post attached to them.

3: Controversy. This is one that you especially need to tread lightly on because there is a fine line between bold vs ignorantly offensive, and you do not want to cross into the land of offending everybody. But, a post that causes a ripple in the water in order to get attention is worth it in the long run. Posting something bold, and controversial will generate more comments and shares.

4: Your posts should be diverse, so that your audience doesn’t get bored with the same type of posts all the time. Post at different times of the day than normal and try to always be posting a wide variety of content. Keep your audience on its toes!

5: Don’t wait for people to come to you all the time, you can go to them! Start conversations on other people’s posts. Comment, ask questions, and directly talk to other people on an industry leader’s social media. Try to insert your brand into the conversations going on about the trending topics of your industry.

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